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March 5 - 6, 2022

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University of Illinois Ice Arena, 406 East Armory, Champaign, IL 61820.

                    Sanctioned by Champaign Regional Speedskating, the Amateur Skating Association of Illinois, and US Speedskating.

The first World Short Track Competition was held here in Champaign Illinois in 1976. 

Meet Information




11:00-12:00 pm


Warm Ups

12:30-1:10  pm

7:00-7:40 am


1:30-7:30  pm

7:45 am-12:15 pm


Novice Class B  Class A
 Tiny Tot (Under 7) 
 Pee Wee (7 to 8) Pee Wee (7 to 8)
 Pony (9 to 10)Junior E (9 to 10)
 Midget (11 to 12)Junior D (11 to 12)
 Open B (13 to 16)Junior C (13 to 14)
 Senior B (16+)Open A (15+)
 Special NeedsHeartland Racing Series (12+)
 Master Men (30+)

Master Women (30+)

Coaches Exhibition Relay: Open to coaches in good standing with US Speedskating (NEW) including coaches currently in the process of L1 certification with a L2 sponsoring coach.  Only $1 day of at registration table!
  One 3000m exhibition will be run mid-session Saturday directly after a resurface. This will be run as a relay if enough coaches sign up!  We hope that the format will encourage all coaches to show the kids how to have a good time whether you are in great shape or need a push to get moving.  ALL questions about this exhibition should be sent to CRS coach Pezz at 

Land of Lincoln Format:  Both novice class B & class A skaters will race throughout Saturday and Sunday.  Racing will follow the “all points” format.  The longest distance will serve as a tiebreaker.  Heats and finals will be run for all skaters.  The class A super finals for the longest race are based on points awarded in the prior races.  The Meet Director may choose to combine groups, omit your group, or completely run the meet as an ability meet based on the breakdown and separation of skaters and groups. This includes moving you to a novice group or to an A group. 

Heartland Racing Series (HRS) Format: This series will be run in conjunction with Land of Lincoln.  In order to qualify to skate in the HRS, a skater must be age 12 or older as of 7/1/19, and have achieved a 1000m seed time, within the last year, of 1:48 for men, 1:58 for ladies. Other regulations governing HRS participation are contained on the last pages of this registration form and the HRS Facebook page. Please note that the HRS is open to any qualified skater nationwide or from other countries who wish to participate in this series.

Awards (Land of Lincoln and HRS):  Skaters must race all distances to qualify for an overall award or Fastest 500 award unless injured or ill.  There will be trophies for 1st through 3rd places overall within each age division including HRS.  Ribbons will also be given for individual races 1st through 6th places for all Class B and Class A Pee Wee through Junior D categories.   Additionally, the fastest 500-meter time will receive the Chile Blair Award for the women and the Bill Markland Award for the men.   

Fun and Relay Races:  Time permitting; there may be a 2000m fun race for Midget/Junior D and Pony/Junior E.  Again, time permitting, there may be an additional 333 and a 3000m relay race for Open B/Junior C and older divisions.  Relay teams will include four skaters, and all are encouraged to join a team.

Meet Directors: Lynda Lopez and Randy Sears

Lynda Lopez, Meet Director,

Travel Plans:  Please contact  There is no official Land of Lincoln hotel. 

Private Sales Policy: 
University of Illinois facility policy prohibits private sales during Land of Lincoln in the Ice Arena.  Land of Lincoln apparel is the only sales table approved by University of Illinois facility policy.  To avoid restrictions on future LOL apparel sales, please do not set up a private sales table during the event.

Parents and coaches,
please make sure you look over your skaters on the skater list prior to Thursday, February 20, 2020.  You can check the skater list and event online
.  Please email for any changes. Please make change requests no later than Thursday, February 20, 2020.  Change requests made after Thursday afternoon will not be possible due to new meet software.  Please ask your coaches before you register to be sure you place your skater in the correct group.

Entry deadline:  All entries must be received by Wednesday, February 19, 2020.  There is absolutely no day-of-meet registration. 

Entry Fee for 2 days of racing.

Class A (except Pee Wee) and Heartland Series: $75

Class B and Pee Wee Class A: $60

Family Cap: $135  (If you register two Class A skaters, we will refund $15)

Coaches Relay Exhibition: $1. This is a separate registration from LOL. If you are a coach skating this event and LOL, you must register for both.

2020 LOL Apparel

Order your 2020 LOL apparel when you register to guarantee your size and choice.  There will be a very limited number of ¼ zips available for sale at the race also.  The deadline for guaranteed apparel purchase is Wednesday, February 12th.




LOL ¼ zip long sleeve technical shirt ADULT


Adult Mens S/M/L/XL/XXL

LOL ¼ zip long sleeve technical shirt ADULT


Adult Ladies S/M/L/XL/XXL

LOL ¼ zip long sleeve fleece KIDS


Child S/M/L


Heartland Racing Series (HRS) General Rules –

1. Racing shall be governed by ISU and USS racing rules except where noted.

2. Every effort is made to conduct the races on a 30m x 60m rink on a 111.12 ISU track.

3. Races shall be integrated as seamlessly and efficiently as possible within existing competitions, as a competition class within the other classes of the meet.

4. Competitors must be age 12 or older as of 7/1/19.

5. Competitors must have a qualifying time in the 1000m short track distance of: 1:48.00 or lower for males; and, 1:58.00 or lower for females or a samalog of the 500 and 1500 times that is 108.0 or lower for males and 118.0 or lower for females.

6. The qualifying time must have been set after 6/30/19 and before the entry deadline of the meet.

7. The qualifying time must be from a USS sanctioned meet or time trial with a published protocol.

8. The qualifying time must be submitted with the name of the meet it was skated in, the location, and the date skated, and be verifiable. This time will serve as the competitor's seed time and should be their personal best time skated since 6/30/19.

9. As long as competitors meet the age minimum and the qualifying time minimum, and, are current members in good standing of USS or their national federation, they may compete. This means that skaters across the US and Canada, as well as other countries are welcome to compete, as are skaters from any age-class, who meet the age and time minimum standards.

10. In the event there is a question or dispute regarding the rules and entries, eligibility, racing, results, awards, the Meet Director and the Chief Referee, along with the Heartland Series Racing Director shall confer and rule on any questions or disputes, with their decision being final.

11. Format - The basic format will consist of the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m distances being contested at each meet in the series resulting in a final ranking with final points being awarded (see Point Table).   Each Meet Host has discretion over how to conduct the qualifying rounds and finals that produce the final ranking in each distance. There is a standard recommended clerking procedure (see Procedures) available for use for the Open Class. In general, the HRS tries to promote development of racing skills and competitiveness, so a format where the winner of each heat qualifies for the highest Final followed by the remaining places to be filled by best times skated in the Heats is recommended to be followed.

There will be between 3 and 7 competitions in the Heartland Racing Series. A skater can race in as many or as few as they wish. Their points from up to the 3 highest point meet point totals achieved will be added together to produce their Series ranking by points in each distance, and, in total for all 3 distances in an "All-around" category. Prizes will be awarded for both males and females in each of the 3 single distances and in the All-around total combined for both the most points and the fastest times. Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 3rd places. Other special prizes may be announced and awarded throughout the series for individual age classes and for the exhibition special race categories. (see Schedule)

Exhibition race categories: In addition to the common racing distances, each meet in the HRS will offer a choice of racing opportunities that will try to work on special skills (endurance, relays, pursuits, starts, top end speed, teamwork) and introduce some additional fun and variety into the racing. These events may include but are not limited to: 1500m and 3000m superfinals, relays, co-ed relays, club team relays, club team co-ed relays, team pursuits, Australian pursuits, 1/2 lap openers, flying 1 laps, skills, and team championship formats. In addition, there may be awards for team level of participation. These categories will be chosen by the individual meet hosts and announced with the detailed rules in advance of the registration deadline. The exhibition categories are subject to having available ice time and enough participation, and, awards may or may not be given, based on the availability.

12. Conduct of races - Safety, fairness and sportsmanship are part of providing a quality racing and developmental experience and as such are top priorities of the HRS. Every effort will be made to have the best officials conducting the races and enforcing the ISU and USS rules. Short track racing is a dynamic, intense and competitive sport where disqualifications are a part of the game when racers are pushing their speed and skills aggressively to the limit as they should be. However, skaters are warned to refrain from excessively dangerous actions, intentional violations of the rules, and, other acts of unsportsmanlike behavior, including, but not limited to: team skating, race fixing, equipment tampering, threatening or actual harmful behavior, either mental, verbal, or physical. This applies to behavior that is skater to skater, coach to skater, skater to official, coach to official, or, any other combination of persons - parent, spectator, or other. Yellow cards, red cards, and other actions will be utilized by officials if necessary to keep the competitions safe, fair, and sportsmanlike.

Additional documents and updated info is found on the HRS Facebook page at:


Land of Lincoln 2020 Results:



Land of Lincoln 2019 Results:



Land of Lincoln 2018 Results:

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